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Cottage Decorating Ideas

Cottage Decorating Ideas 1Cottage Decorating Ideas

For the past several years cottage decorating has remained of the most popular decorating styles. Its light easy look is well suited to people who want to live an informal lifestyle. Cottage decorating is defined by light colors; vintage fabrics, painted distressed furniture, and recycled accessories. The cottage style decor adapts to most any type of home, and has a number of unique versions to choose from including shabby chic, rustic, romantic, beach, garden, country, and English.One of the most important aspects of cottage decor is the type and style of furniture in the decorating scheme. Cottage furniture tends to be of small scale, and quite often includes distressed wood, painted white or a light pastel such as blue or green. Wicker may be included in the look, but is usually painted white or pastel. Rarely is dark wicker seen.

Living room furniture is often overstuffed and upholstered in chintz, toile, and plain material or floral. Frequently, slipcovers are used for easy cleaning and to cover flee market finds.

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The cottage decor lends itself well to those who are on a budget. The theme is known for its consignment store, flee market, and yard sale finds, for both furniture and accessories. Shape and texture are important in the cottage style decor as is old worn items, distressed wood and authentic items that you can bring back to life. Pressboard and reproductions need not apply.If it looks interesting and fits in with your theme, try it no matter how unique. Decorate walls, ceilings, cupboards, porches and yards with your finds. Use unusual planters for flowers and plants, both in the home and in the yard.

Cover your windows with light sheers, lace panels, or vintage fabrics that blow in the breeze. Translucent materials are preferred. If privacy is an issue, shades can be lowered in the evening and hidden during the day. Most importantly, open your home to the soft breezes associated with cottage living.

Cottage decor is one of the more fun decorating styles. The key words are comfortable and relaxing. Cottage decorating can keep you entertained for many years as you find new and unusual additions to add to your decor.


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