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Contemporary Home Decorating

Contemporary Home Decorating 1

Contemporary Home Decorating

Contemporary home decorating draws one into a space known for its clean, sleek, comfortable look. The look is up-to-date, modern, today, as opposed to the often-cluttered casual or highly elegant formal decor. The simplicity of the contemporary look is often stunning to those who tire of clutter and desire a fresh, open, simple space. Using geometric shapes and bold lines, the home decorator can create a space both relaxing and beautiful.

Typically,  in contemporary home decorating, black, white, and neutral colors are the main colors used in conjunction with splashes of bold accents. Many people who live in modern lofts utilize the contemporary style in their furnishings, accessories, and wall colors.

Creative types such as artists and architects prefer this style because of the geometric shapes and bold lines unique to the contemporary style. Creatives and the contemporary look can also be found in loft apartments because of the large amount of space, high ceilings, ample light, and clean lines.

The contemporary look is also seen in offices and homes. The space is much more comfortable than it first appears. There is a sophistication that suggests a city dweller as opposed to someone who lives in a rural area.

Contemporary Home Decorating 2

This type of decor focuses on space rather than possessions. The minimalist approach focuses on color, space, and shape. The walls are often bare, ceilings are high, windows bare, and wall art and sculptures are created using geometric shapes.

The accessories used in the space should have their own geometric shape. Lamps and furniture are often made of industrial grade material. If the walls are white, the lamps should be black, chrome, or even red to spice up the space. Accessories are a solid color. No prints or multiple colors on lamps or other items.

There should not be any clutter on flat surfaces such as end tables, shelves, counters, or floors.

When choosing a contemporary home decorating style remember the rule that less is more. Whereas formal decorating pairs objects such as lamps or artwork, contemporary items stand-alone. There are no groupings in this decor style.

The contemporary home decorating style is conducive to modern city living, such as loft apartments, condominiums, and other large, sparsely furnished spaces. Do not be afraid to make a bold statement when decorating your space.


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