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Casual Home Decorating

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Casual Home Decorating

In today’s world, our lives seem busier than ever. For many families, both parents work, and the children and teens are involved in numerous school and recreational activities. It seems family members are seldom home at the same time. Casual home decorating would be a perfect choice for this type of family. Casual decor is homey and inviting, where friends and family feel comfortable taking off their shoes and enjoying snacks in front of the big screen TV or playing electronic games.

The style is one of the most popular for family rooms, and many suburban and country homes use the decor. When we hear the word casual, we think of a carefree lackadaisical lifestyle.

The rooms are more functional than stylish. However, do not let the look fool you. Many hours of planning and design work are often behind the relaxed, homey look.

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When we think of the casual home, we think texture, simple designs, gentle curves, and rectangular shapes. Words such as whimsy come to mind.

Country themes, homey artwork, soft pastels or forest greens and navy blues, print materials for sofas, chairs, or curtains, soft comfortable furniture, area rugs, and various themes and collections are seen around the home.

Much of the furniture in casual home decorating is over sized and likely stuffed, soft, and comfortable. People feel they can spread out, lie on the couch, or relax in a chair without having to sit up straight and formal. Slipcovers are useful for easy cleaning and quick seasonal updates.

Many times a medium to light wood such as oak or pine are used. The rooms themselves are not dark, but have plenty of light colors, window treatments that allow natural light to enter, wood or tile floors may have scatter rugs, and natural wood or stone mantels are often seen on the fireplace.

Table and wood surfaces are low luster, and quite often made of rough wood. Coffee and end tables are often natural wood.

The casual home decorating look is popular all across the world. The relaxed ambiance, natural fibers, and soft or earth tone colors, provide a comfortable get-away from the often stressful life outside the home.


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