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Bedrooms – Add Romance to Your Home

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Bedrooms – Add Romance to Your Home

No matter what your age or how long you have been with your partner, you can easily add a romantic touch to your bedroom. Romance is about senses, and creating a sensual space will add spice to your relationship. First of all, choose a wall color that will encourage a relaxed romantic atmosphere. Soft pastels that flatter your skin tone will draw welcome attention from your partner. Set the mood with soft lighting and textured shades. Strong overhead lights will jar the senses, causing the opposite effect you are looking for. Textured shades diffuse light causing a soft atmospheric effect.

Scented candles not only add to the soft lighting, but also provide an aromatic smell to the room. Light flickering throughout the room adds a mysterious vibe.

Consider the feel of satin sheets and silken coverings on your mattress and pillows. Add extra fluffy pillows for a soft romantic feel. Stay away from any textures that feel rough against the skin. High thread count sheets provide are best.

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Fresh aromatic flowers add to the ambiance of the room. Stay away from strong overpowering scents. Small groupings of flowers such as roses or carnations are better than large bouquets that overwhelm the room.

Stay away from family photos in the bedroom. They are better for a family room, den, or living room. Either place a framed photo of you and your partner on a nightstand, or decorate a wall or two with appropriate framed art.

Do not use a corner of the bedroom as a workspace. Find another location in the home for the desk and computer. Even more important, ban the TV from the bedroom. Keep the bedroom for what it is – a place to sleep and for romance.

Set the mood with soft music. Choosing the right combination of tunes can make a huge difference in creating a romantic setting.

If you desire to add a little spice to your life and romance to your bedroom, considering the suggestions mentioned above. With just a few changes, your relationship can enter a new and fulfilling era.


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