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Bedroom Designs for a Coastal Feel

Bedroom Designs for a Coastal Feel 1Bedroom Designs for a Coastal Feel

Have you ever wanted to sleep by the sea; to hear the sound of the waves coming to shore? Here are a few ideas that are sure to inspire a cozy, calm atmosphere in your bedroom. Having several coastal style bedroom designs are a sure way to someday achieve your goal of a peaceful, calm bedroom. For some people a bedroom is no more than a place to sleep. But for others it is an appreciated oasis, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of household activity, a place for relaxation, rest and even romance. For these homeowners, bedroom designs are key and can be used to transform even the most traditional space into a heavenly haven.

One of the most popular places to find inspiration for bedroom designs is on the coast where the air is crisp, the sound of waves hush a soothing rhythm and the sand is warm underfoot. For many people, the beach and ocean shore are the epitome of relaxation and so, they choose to use it as a muse when purchasing bedroom décor and accents.

Bedroom Designs for a Coastal Feel 2

Developing coastal bedroom designs is not difficult, after all the seashore is one of the most popular and timeless of all interior styles. However, when purchasing items such as bedside lighting, linens and even furniture it can be easy to over do it, and soon what began as inspired interior design can quickly turn into a themed room filled with kitschy clutter.

If the idea of coastal bedroom designs appeals to you then here are a few tips to consider:

White is essential. Coastal design is based on the cool, calming colors of the sea but this doesn’t mean you should paint your walls a deep blue. Coastal interiors are all about white, whether it is white-washed wood, white cotton sheets or white rag rugs. If you think a true white is too bold then tinted whites can also be used, just make sure that your color choices are mild and muted not prissy pastels.

Keep ocean accents to a minimum. A few dramatic items such as a starfish paperweight or a glass urn filled with shells can be great when included in bedroom designs, but be careful not to crowd your space with sea-inspired accents. A coastal design should be kept clean, uncluttered and calming for those who enter.

Let the light shine in. One of the most important tips to remember when completing bedroom designs is to let natural light flood the room as much as possible. Try and avoid heavy curtains and window shades, instead use light weight cotton sheers or even a bamboo matchstick blind to provide privacy.


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